24 October, 2022
/ 7 min read

Dangers Lurking. Who’s Got Your Back?

Who's obsessed in protecting you?

For the past several years, the crypto industry has experienced several major bear markets that pushed the prices so low they crushed not only wealth but also families. Some hugely popular coins, like Terra Luna, and FTX’s FTT token never recovered and lost 99.9% of their value.


However, who in this gold rush warns you of major downfalls? Is there anyone you can rely on to look out for your best interests, protect you, and advise you at every twist and turn? Do you have someone to turn to with the investing acumen of George Soros and the maternal love of a mother?


We frequently overlook these questions. When it comes to money, most of us are too proud or embarrassed to seek help after a few bad decisions. We try to ignore our losses, even making excuses for them.

Dangers of a Lonely Land

The crypto market is known for steep rises in value. In the past, you could have witnessed a 10x surge in a matter of days. That’s why this novel space is getting more traction every year, with some investors even switching from stocks to crypto.


Things went so far that the survey conducted by the University of Chicago found that 13% of Americans traded crypto through the entire year of 2021. 


Sounds amazing, but don’t make the final judgement yet. The crypto industry is still in its infancy and prone to all sorts of negative factors that drastically affect prices. No wonder there have been so many market crashes:

  • Bear market No. 1: Bitcoin crash from $32 to $0.01 in 2011.
  • Bear market No. 2: Bitcoin tanks from $1,000 to below $200 in 2015 .
  • Bear market No. 3: Bitcoin plunges below $3,200 after hitting $20,000 in December 2017. 
  • Bear market No. 4: Bitcoin slumps from $63,000 to $29,000 in 2021.
  • Bear market No. 5: Bitcoin plummets from $68,000 to below $17,000 in 2022.

BTW – At what point did you get out?


Perhaps, like many others, you never did and are now looking to redeem yourself by making better, faster, and less risky crypto decisions. Or you’re looking for ways to gradually recover your losses step by step.

You can't trust yourself

We tend to trust ourselves too much, yet this rarely brings results. It’s because we are not investing pros plus we suffer from the over-optimistic bias – an inherent human cognitive bias of a selfish self-love for our own decisions.


You may have thought you knew enough, studied the crypto market a little, and found the golden entry point…You got lucky. 


But then what happened? 


You hodl’d, and the market just kept going down. Or, maybe you followed the hype with no regard for risk management, just as many broke investors did in the past. 

Even the wisest struggle in stormy waters​

Huge ups and downs create opportunities and threats.


No wonder why 99% of day traders quit within the first year. And if you are an investor looking to hold crypto for the long term, you too are in a dangerous place – a whale can come anytime and crush your earnings you hoped to retire with. Volatility is a bitch to navigate.

Be careful who's advice you follow

However, that’s not the only danger out there.

Bloggers, influencers, and crypto millionaires are often incentivized to market coins trying to trick you into buying them. They have their self interests at heart, not yours.


What they want is to bank at your expense without actually informing you of the risks associated with the crypto market. We’ve seen that happening in the past, e.g., EthereumMax case.


Maybe you avoided such pump and dump schemes, but a lot of retail investors can’t. Most of the time, they don’t even know they are happening. Eventually they find out, and eventually panic sell, adding fuel to the fire, and causing a new wave high volatility.


In short, whether you follow an influencer or are enrolled in copy-cat trading, ask yourself how similar you are to them. If their portfolio was to go down 70%, how much would it effect them vs you. Are you really aligned? What is their investment horizon? and their tolerance to risk? It’s most likely far different from yours and you’ll never know by how much.


Bottom line. If you want to beat the market as a private investor, you must face the market head-on, have all hands on deck, know the ins and outs. You must act quickly and intelligently and only act according to your level of risk, and no-one else’s.

Start seeking protection

So how can you protect yourself from intensifying volatility, prowling predators, uncertainty, and incentivized influencers? There are many ways.


You’ll likely seek someone who is genuinely attentive to your personal needs, goals, and financial position. Someone who cares for you, and you only. Someone who is working 24/7 to make you happy. Perhaps a guardian angel of sorts. 


That angel is Libertify. And it can be summoned right here, right now, without divine intervention.

Libertify - Your Guardian Angel

At Libertify, we understood that as investors, we are all in different situations. Whether that pertains to our relationships, number of children, age, investment objectives, investment horizons, or other factors. These investment characteristics equate to a unique level of risk that we can afford to take.


Our objective is to comprehend this risk in every up and down, and determine the optimal remuneration a trade can return. With so much volatility, we devised a method to manage risk return calculation on the fly. We protect investors from steep price declines while preserving their performance in every trade. We refer to this as Risk-Adjusted investing.


Libertify is a risk management platform capable of protecting your funds so you can lead a worry-free financial journey.


It employs algorithms that monitor niche market trends of the cryptocurrencies you own. They collect data, overly with your risk profile, which are then analyzed to determine your next investing move.


And personalization plays a crucial role in determining the correct action for each specific user. In the end, no blogger, influencer, or cryptocurrency millionaire knows you better than you do yourself.


Libertify is focused on understanding your unique risk profile and investment preferences, something an influencer is incapable of doing.

In order to figure out individual patterns and preferences, Libertify first assesses the user’s risk profile through a quiz.


After completion, the quiz assigns users to one of 100 profiles within four totem animals representing different risk adjustment strategies: Meerkat, Beaver, Tiger, and Shark. 


Here’s how they differentiate:

  • Meerkat is the most risk-averse type. The strategy suits those who prefer to grow steady and get stable returns.
  • Beaver is the risk-averse type that occasionally takes risks. This strategy is for someone looking to receive small gains and to risk with small sums.
  • Tiger is a risk taker, someone who has one goal – risk for the chance of a large reward.
  • Shark is the biggest risk taker of all. This investor type puts money into all kinds of risky endeavors, preferring to make a lot or lose it all. 

Once done, Libertify sends personalized desktop or mobile push notifications to the user giving the options and insights necessary to undertake decisions under current market conditions. The user can either accept or refuse them.


However, if you are seeking fully automatic protection, you can take advantage of our autopilot mode. Autopilot’s architecture is the same, with only one crucial difference – If no decision has been made within an hour, Libertify executes the trade automatically. It’s all done for you. 


In either mode, at any time, the user can visit the reports to see the impact of the trades made and how they compare to a the buy & hold alternative so many of us follow.

Wrapping Up

A crypto market is a dangerous place where predators and information overload can swallow you alive. Substantial market swings do no one a favor either. Moreover, bloggers, influencers, and crypto millionaires make recommendations, broadcast advice, according to their risk profiles, not yours. 

You can avoid all the stress and dangers, however, if you have a guardian angel by your side who cares only about you, knows your personal and financial situation and your risk profile, and provides, personalized, protective, actionable advice at the right time.

Knowing your risk profile is one of the crucial factors for your investment success. To discover your score and embark on a new personalized, protected and performance driven investing journey start here…