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Beginning as an auditor in the field, Annie’s career in finance was well-established. Subsequently, she progressed to become the finance director for the communications company Roux Seguela Cayzac et Goudard, where she developed her skills in financial leadership from 1979 until 1992. Concurrently, in 1987, Annie co-founded Déserts, a tour operator that has now joined the highly regarded Voyageurs du Monde network.

She continued her adventure in 2006 when she joined LMBO Group as an associate director, specializing in Leveraged Management Buy-Outs (LMBOs) as a means of facilitating business transactions. Her affiliation with Dotcorp Private Equity Asset Management allowed her to sharpen her financial expertise in the field of investments.

Annie, who has a strong affinity for Africa, also spends time serving as a volunteer advisor for Investisseurs et Partenaires, an impact investment organization that promotes entrepreneurship throughout the continent.

Annie has expanded her remarkable career by being a director of Voyageurs du Monde, a publicly listed company on the Paris Stock Exchange.