LIBERTIFY won the Hong Kong FinTech FastTrack 2023 !​

Dedicated C-level delivering growth and operating efficiencies. My passion lies in driving enterprise-wide transformation, launching and scaling teams and new business models, and leveraging AI, blockchain, cyber, and IT innovation to better serve our clients and drive P&L growth. My international experience (10 years) across the US, UK, NL, and France has equipped me with a unique perspective on global markets and customer engagement strategies. My leadership has guided teams of over 2,000, managing multi-billion-dollar transformation roadmaps with a keen focus on ESG principles. I have a robust experience of corporate governance (risk, finance, compliance) in a regulated environment with my executive career and as a non-executive director of BOURSORAMA, (Board + Chairwomen of the Audit Committee).

At Societe Generale, I led the AI team, contributing to €500 m by 2025, scaled the digital business from 3% to 30% direct sales, created SG Ventures, the corporate venture arm of SG, steering 400 million investment startups, and initiated two business lines for digital assets and banking as a service.

At Lloyds Banking Group, I built robust technical foundations for our online business scaling for millions of customers, created LBG Innovation Labs, resulting in over 50+ innovations for our clients, operated the digital center of excellence, resulting in upskilling and recruiting thousands of colleagues in new roles (product management, data and analytics, c-suite transformation), and led the risk transformation through a data lens.

Beyond my executive responsibilities, I’m deeply committed to fostering diversity in STEM, mentoring women entrepreneurs, and championing women in tech through angel investments (Leia Capital) and international competitions. I graduated from EPITA as IT engineer #1 of my class in artificial intelligence and cognitive science, have a master’s degree from HEC, and was a visiting researcher at MIT as part of Capgemini’s partnership.